Winter Survival Camp

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Cold-weather camping is among the most challenging and rewarding of outdoor activities. In northern latitudes and at higher elevations, camping in the cold can happen almost any time of the year. As temperatures drop and winter conditions move in, the familiar meadows, campsites, and trails of summer disappear beneath the drifts and can become a wonderland sparkling with ice and snow. A day of traveling by snowshoes or skis, a hot meal cooked over a backpacking stove, steaming mugs of soup made from melted snow, and a camp beneath a frosty sky are pleasures reserved for those willing to learn how to thrive when even the thermometer seems to be in hibernation. Living well in the cold requires planning and experience. You can do the planning with others in your group and master the skills you need on short trips and journeys when conditions are not so severe. As for experience, you’ll gain plenty of that when you pack up your winter gear, pull on your warm clothing, and head for the chilly outdoors to see how well your plans play out. It won’t be long before you discover the satisfaction of being in the outdoors year-round, staying comfortable no matter what the weather throws your way.

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It is required to please contact Jerry Robinson, Camping Leader at, phone (208) 941-1778 before registering. This is a high adventure experience and Mr. Robinson must speak with you prior to registration. 

We have a limited capacity of 150 campers. You are welcome to register today as this is a first come first served registration. 

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