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Why should you participate in Idaho Gives 2023 – May 1st -4th?

In 2023 thousands of youths and families throughout Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon will benefit from programs provided by the Mountain West Council!

How can you help support our mission?

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3 Reasons why you can feel good about a donation to our cause:


1. We're really efficient! The vast majority of the funds we raise support Scout-centered activities. In addition to our two Scout resident camps, we host a variety of activities throughout the year so that we can provide our Scouts and their families with ongoing programs to enhance the development of our youth.

2. We’re helping to build a community. We provide our Scouting for Food Drive, Eagle Projects as well as unit and personal service hours. We've developed strong relationships with numerous organizations within our communities that provide doorways for our Scouts to serve the many needs in our communities Community groups like the Idaho Food Bank, many parks and outdoor organizations and many other civic groups are gateways to Scouts helping out our local citizens and groups.

3. We're absolutely certain we are making a difference in the lives of our Scouts. How do we know? Well, you almost have to be there to witness the transformation that takes place over the course of a few short days at Camp or while serving the needs in our communities. Scouts and Volunteers, who begin the week as a collection of strangers, come away members of a truly special band of friends, each changed for the better.


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