Willow Creek 2023

Willow Creek is April 14-15-16, 2023

Cost is $15 per person, both Scouts and Adults if paid by April 7. The cost will be $20 after April 7.


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Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (IOLS) at Willow Creek

To complete Leader Specific Training at Willow Creek, participants must have completed YPT and the online training modules: Scouts BSA–Scoutmaster: Before the First Meeting, First 30 Days and Position Trained prior to arrival. Those wishing to participate in IOLS, should show up Prepared for a weekend of fun and learning. Participants will form patrols, create patrol flags and yells, and will run a shortened course. Remaining time is allowed to observe youth leadership and the Patrol Method in action while serving at Skill Stations. The IOLS schedule is noted in the Willow Creek schedule.

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Webelos are encouraged to attend Willow Creek. Seeing Scouts in a competitive environment is a great way to live the ‘Scout Me In’ motto. Webelos attend at their unit leaders’ discretion and should refer to the Guide to Safe Scouting for guidance. Webelos may participate in stations, but should be aware that Scout and Venture patrols are competing against time and take precedence at all of the stations. You may be asked to step aside for a few minutes if a patrol arrives at a station.

Camp Visitors

Family and friends interested in visiting camp are welcome to do so. Visitors are to park in the upper lot and walk down to the camp area.  Many Scouts walk around the surrounding camp area and are focused on the competition, so vehicle travel should be minimized in and around camp.  Visitors with physical disabilities that would prevent them from walking are welcome to drive into camp, carefully and slowly. Safety is a value in Scouting - the speed limit during Willow Creek is 5 mph in camp for the safety of all.