Camp Staff Applications

Join our Camp Staff!


Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Join our camp staff in the heart of Idaho for a summer you'll never forget! Imagine waking up to the crisp mountain air, surrounded by pristine wilderness, and a whole world of opportunities waiting for you. As a camp staff member, you'll be the guiding light for a group of enthusiastic and curious young minds, helping them explore the great outdoors, discover new talents, and create memories that will last a lifetime. From thrilling outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking to starlit campfires, camping traditions, and bonding with an incredible community of fellow staff, this summer job promises endless excitement, personal growth, and the chance to inspire the next generation. So, are you up for the challenge? Join us at the Mountain West Council Camping Staff and be a part of something extraordinary this summer!

More reasons to join camp staff:

  • Make lots of new friends in your area, other states, and even other countries
  • Spend a summer in the great outdoors where nature prevails
  • Acquire experiential education (learning by doing) and new skills that will last a lifetime
  • Be a part of an effective team and to cooperate with others to get things done
  • Learn how to lead others and to apply leadership skills
  • Undertake and fulfill meaningful challenges and to earn the satisfaction of doing a job well
  • Work with youth and adults of all ages
  • Serve others (the noblest and most fulfilling pursuit of all)
  • Give something back for the opportunities you have received
  • Live in a wholesome environment based on the Scout Oath and Scout Law
  • Have the advice, counsel, and support of senior staff who are dedicated to helping you succeed
  • Be paid and receive food and lodging in return for something challenging and fun
  • Be considered for jobs of greater responsibility and to receive letters of recommendation for other pursuits

Summer of 2024 Schedule: 

  • Staff Week: June 30 - July 6
  • Bradley Scout Reservation July 7 - July 13
  • Webelos Woods July 17 - July 20
  • Camp Morrison July 21 - July 27


The Counselor in Training (CIT) is a volunteer program for 15-year-olds who are potential future staff members. CITs spend two weeks working and living with the great Camp Staff staff. During the mornings, CITs get a chance to see what staff life is like. During the afternoons, CITs work on advancements.